Every man is a "worshipper" - how do we know this from Scripture?

Discussions about worship become derailed because of various definitions of worship and how it is used within the Christian community. 

Beginning to examine Jesus' definition of worship...

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My good friend and co-pastor John Fahrbach and I sit down to discuss a Christian perspective on the culture of America; how the culture has changed from objective-based truth to subjective, and, importantly, how Christians can evangelize in a culture that rejects absolutes. 


Discussion on why music is often controversial in the local church. 

The history of music throughout the Bible and why it is important to God's people. 

Key verses that discuss a Christian's responsibility to sing: Col. 3:16, Eph. 5:18-21.

How pastors and worship leaders can cultivate unity in the church through honest conversation and creating a Biblical model of singing. 

How saints can contribute to unity by being thankful instead of grumbling. 

For many, the return to school brings structure and schedule back to families after a summer of vacations, sleeping in, and "lazing around." Here's a challenge for both parents and students to also get back to a schedule of being disciplined and intentional about spiritual growth and the process of sanctification. 

A review of what I (and 9000 others!) have been doing the last 4 days in Nashville, TN. 

Much thanks to Keith and Kristyn Getty for their vision to encourage theologically rich congregational singing and their efforts to write hymns that aim for that goal. They have challenged a new (next?) generation of believers to consider the importance of singing hymns, both in corporate worship and in worship in the home.


Our church has worked hard to incorporate these same ideas over the half-dozen years or so and we believe we've benefited as a local body from this renewed emphasis. You can visit us at www.gbchapel.org.  

I'm on vacation this week, but I recorded this episode before I left. What the Christian community is witnessing with Joshua Harris' renunciation of Christianity produces both sorrow, frustration, fear, anger, and sadness all at the same time. Mostly, we fear for his soul, for we know that the warning passages in Hebrews indicate that one who has "tasted and seen and experienced the good gift of God" and then falls away cannot return again. 

What I intended to record was 15 minutes or so on my brief thoughts - but then...well, you know what happens to pastors!

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Orthodoxy: believing a group of doctrines that have been well-established through careful study and exegesis of the Holy Scriptures. 

Orthopraxy: doing the doctrines that one believes in or, put another way, faithful practice of the truths one claims to believe. 

Both are essential to a Christ-honoring life and testimony. 

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I have the opportunity to interview my good friend, fellow pastor, and church planter Craig Noyes. 

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