A popular sentiment right now to justify rioting and looting. 

But...if people knew the truth about the consequences of sin, would they still "want what they deserve?" 

Listen to the full episode for an explanation and challenge to believers. 

In this episode, I provide a bit more of the foundational theology regarding how and why believers still sin from Romans 6. 

The teaching in this lesson coordinates with a sermon that I preached for our church, called "Easy/Hard," which can be found at our Facebook and YouTube pages (search for my name and Grace Brethren Chapel).

My personal conviction is that understanding the theology behind our actions is critical to actually producing change. When you understand the mechanism of something, it's often easier to implement. 

As stay-at-home orders begin to expire and life begins to return to "normal", we should each be asking ourselves, "What did I learn from this experience? What was God trying to teach me? How did I handle myself?" 

Questions of self reflection are important, for they reveal the true nature of our hearts and the transformation we've experienced through the trial. My hope is that you've grown in Christ-likeness as a result of this test! 

Please listen to episode 54 OR my YouTube video on the same topic (part 1). You will need to go to the Grace Brethren Chapel's YouTube page to find this content. 

In part 2, I explain some more nuances regarding boasting and also discuss how we can sinfully boast in our tribulations. I also describe various wrong attitudes towards tribulations and how Christians ought to think differently than non-Christians when we experience tribulations.

Finally, what if the Covid-19 pandemic is the tool that God uses to bring about a third Great Awakening in American history? Would you pray with me that God will use it to this end? 

How do you respond when God brings tribulations into your life? Sadly, too many of us (Christians) respond with grumbling and complaining. In this episode, I examine Paul's admonition to believers to "boast in tribulations," for such tribulations produce a good result for believers. 

You can find the video to this episode on YouTube or FaceBook; search for the Grace Brethren Chapel's page. If you've already watched the video, skip this episode and listen to episode 55, "Boasting in Tribulations" part 2. 

What are you favorite Easter memories and why? 

Please take some time this week to call family or friends and share your memories, as an encouragement to one another and to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

Is the current crisis regarding the Covid-19 pandemic making you angry? I have to admit, it makes me angry. 

I share 9 reasons why it makes me angry, along with 4 key truths from the Bible that I'm reminding myself of to help me deal with the anger.

Remember, as God's children, He says that if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9) May we as believers be the first to acknowledge and confess our sins, that we might continue in good fellowship with God and not fall under His discipline. 

For many of us, a lot of thoughts run through our minds during times of crisis. It can be hard to stop wondering "What will happen?" and focus on "What should I do right now?" 

I present a rundown of some thoughts/ideas that might be going around in our collective minds. Then I offer two truths that ought to ground us in the present: 1) The need to truly rely upon God's sovereign control and 2) God's command to worry only about today. 

Key texts: Daniel 4:34-35, James 4:13-17, Mark 4:35-41, Matthew 6:23-34

EDIT: The next episode in the series on Marriage is Episode 64! You can skip ahead if you want to continue the teaching on headship and submission. 


To practice God's truth means we need to understand God's original intent. Sin has perverted God's design and Satan works overtime to keep us from discerning and knowing it. Today I discuss what God's original intent is regarding male/female interaction within marriage (and by extension, society) and I do a deep-dive into defining headship and its practice. 

You don't have to wear glasses or have a genius IQ to see and know that marriage is in trouble. Why? I attempt to answer the question in this episode, as well as begin explaining God's original intention for marriage. 

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