Do you make a New Year's Resolution? I find that when the new year comes, it's always a good time to reflect and consider improvements I want to make in different areas of my life. 

More importantly than losing weight, eating better, or making more money, is the improvement that we make as Christians towards Christlikeness. This episode will challenge you to improve one aspect of life in each of three spiritual disciplines. 


This final installment on the creation ordinance of marriage and procreation explains why marriage is God's primary means of relationship between male and female. 

Today I discuss four perversions of God's ideal relationship between men and women. 


Episode contains mature discussions about sexuality. Please be advised you may not want young children to listen to this episode. 

What does God have to say about marriage and procreation? Why is it important? Check out part one! 

When is the last time you have considered your progress, or growth, as a believer? According to Phil. 2:12-16, we should be continually growing in Christ-likeness. But what standard should we use to evaluate growth? Maybe you have to ask yourself: Am I even growing?

Adopted from the book What is a Healthy Church Member? by Thabiti Anyabwile, this episode explores the difference between superficial growth and genuine growth. 

Credit for the concept to Dr. Anyabwile; no copyright infringement intended. 

One of the creation ordinances that has been overlooked in times past is that of sex and gender. In this episode, I discuss some of the reasons why it was formerly overlooked and why we can't overlook it any longer. You'll also learn: 

Biblical definition of "sex" and "gender".

What it means to be "binary" and "non-binary" and how these terms came about. 

The implications of affirming someone's gender identity. 

Have you heard of the creation ordinances? If not, this series is for you! And if you have, then you should listen and learn more about them and how they effect every aspect of life. May God be glorified for His marvelous design!

When one considers the political, social, and economic turmoil facing America at the present time, a natural question to ask is, "Is America experiencing the judgment of God?" 

Over the last 50 years, many have proclaimed that "the time is right!" for America's judgment, yet the nation still stands. 

How do we interpret the present situation from a theological perspective? 

This episode provides a primer to help you begin thinking about these matters. If you have a follow up question or comment, please let me know...I'd love to address it on a future episode!

How do we wrap our minds around the tragedies and sufferings that we see in our world? How do we think when we know a tragic situation was preventable, but God allowed it to occur anyway? 

The suffering of the innocent is one of the most challenging issues to think through; here are a couple of "quick-hit" insights that should point you on the right path. 

How do you deal with a personal tragedy? There are two parties involved in who need advice: 1) the individual who is suffering and 2) those comforting the individual. 

May you gain insight from the truths shared in this episode! 


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