Back to the creation ordinances! 

Today's episode examines the ordinance of "labor" or "work" found in Genesis 1 and 2. 

This episode examines three reasons why people commit mass shootings, and also looks at how these same reasons may contribute to lackluster police response to the shootings (especially in the case of the Uvalde Police Department). 

Finally, a Biblical solution and prayer request for our nation is offered in the third segment. 

Since the last few episodes have focused on the creation ordinance of authority and dominion,  it seemed wise to try to apply the truths about submission to authority and honoring government authorities to the situation in Russia and Ukraine. 

Please remember that this is a suggestion of how to apply these truths, without having a complete and exhaustive understanding of the laws in either country. The goal is to help you think about how you can submit to the governing authorities that you live under to the glory of Christ. 

In this episode, I discuss the reason why God established spheres of authority and why those are just, even if sinful man uses them wrongly. Then I build a Biblical case for the domestic sphere of authority (male headship and female submission) and also discuss the authority of parents over children. 

Finally, I give a short answer to the question "When do we disobey God-established authorities?" 

In this episode, I define and describe the Scriptural basis for the government's authority over its citizens. 

Topics discussed include the foundation of human government, the purpose of government, and why Christians ought to excel at submitting to governing authorities. 

Related to the idea that God has bestowed the responsibility and privilege of ruling creation to man, this discussion on the spheres of authority help to further define how and when mankind exercises authority and the appropriate bounds of authority. 

An introduction to the Creation ordinance of Dominion. In this episode, we look at defining the ordinance and discussing basic application. 

Do you make a New Year's Resolution? I find that when the new year comes, it's always a good time to reflect and consider improvements I want to make in different areas of my life. 

More importantly than losing weight, eating better, or making more money, is the improvement that we make as Christians towards Christlikeness. This episode will challenge you to improve one aspect of life in each of three spiritual disciplines. 


This final installment on the creation ordinance of marriage and procreation explains why marriage is God's primary means of relationship between male and female. 

Today I discuss four perversions of God's ideal relationship between men and women. 


Episode contains mature discussions about sexuality. Please be advised you may not want young children to listen to this episode. 

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