For many of us, a lot of thoughts run through our minds during times of crisis. It can be hard to stop wondering "What will happen?" and focus on "What should I do right now?" 

I present a rundown of some thoughts/ideas that might be going around in our collective minds. Then I offer two truths that ought to ground us in the present: 1) The need to truly rely upon God's sovereign control and 2) God's command to worry only about today. 

Key texts: Daniel 4:34-35, James 4:13-17, Mark 4:35-41, Matthew 6:23-34

To practice God's truth means we need to understand God's original intent. Sin has perverted God's design and Satan works overtime to keep us from discerning and knowing it. Today I discuss what God's original intent is regarding male/female interaction within marriage (and by extension, society) and I do a deep-dive into defining headship and its practice. 

You don't have to wear glasses or have a genius IQ to see and know that marriage is in trouble. Why? I attempt to answer the question in this episode, as well as begin explaining God's original intention for marriage. 

Great controversy exists in our culture about how to define marriage and in particular, who can be married. In this episode, I examine what Jesus says about marriage and how He appeals to God's original intent in the Garden of Eden. 

What stereotypes do you have about men and women? Are they helpful or hurtful in thinking about your relationships? 

Today, I begin a new series on how you can cultivate a marriage that glorifies Christ. The first step is de-constructing bad thinking and replacing it with Biblical thinking. As aways, thoughts and comments welcome!

In today's episode, I discuss the application of the theology of worship to the practice of worship in our local churches. 

The first 23 minutes discusses our individual attitudes when we come together to worship, while the final 15 minutes reviews the 6 elements that must be present in the church during the saints' worship of their Savior. 

John 4:24 - "...those who worship God must worship in spirit and in truth."

The heart-mind connection and it's relationship to "spirit" and to "truth."

The connection between genuine worship and the process or elements of worship.

Answering the question, "What role do emotions play in my (or the church's) worship?" 

What is the difference between your heart and your head?

In this episode, I discuss the Western view of heart/head vs God's view, as explained in Scripture. The implications of this discussion have a drastic impact on how a local church views "worship" and what kind/type of environment they seek to cultivate for those who attend on Sundays. 


What do you expect when you go to the corporate worship gathering? What makes worship "successful" or "unsuccessful"? 

I lay out two common presuppositions that Westerners have regarding corporate worship and begin to break down the contrast of man's view of man and God's view of man. 

Part 1 - I'll finish up this discussion next week!

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