Continuing the discussion on what makes a good listener and good listening habits. 

Deals specifically with how to come to agreement upon subjects that you don't agree. 

Answers the question: What if the body language/tone doesn't match the words that are spoken? Should I trust the words or the body language? 

Can you hear me now? A ubiquitous phrase brought to national consciousness due to clever marketing. But do you ever say that to your spouse and wonder if they're really listening to what you have to say? 

I discuss a definition of true listening and then describe various responses to listening, ending with James' admonition to be "quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to become angry".

Part 1 of 2  

Continuing the discussion on marriage would not be possible without discussing communication between the sexes. We must consider several important Biblical truths in regards to communication. The following questions are answered in this episode:

What makes human communication different than the communication that occurs in the animal kingdom? 

What are the two main types of communication are we able to perform 

Why is it important that our verbal and non-verbal communications communicate the same (or similar) messages? 


In this episode, I examine four more aspects of submission. The challenge in two of these aspects is this: how do you know when you're acting according to your Christian duty vs. acting according the curse given to women (that they would desire to rule their husbands) in Genesis 3:16? 

Wives, may you be both encouraged and convicted by these truths. Husbands, may you seek to be a godly leader, making it easier for your wife to fulfill her God-given role. 

NOTE: This episode picks up the series on marriage - the previous related episode is Episode 50. If you want the context for this lesson, listen to episodes 49 and 50. 


Submission in marriage is one of the most challenging and controversial topics that married couples have to navigate. Our duty as believers is to determine to understand and practice what God says about submission, not what our culture or our feelings teach about it. 

Please listen with an open mind and heart - seeking to be conformed to the image of Christ, for His glory and our good! 

As a believer, what ideological line will you draw in the sand? What will you NOT do in order to maintain obedience to Jesus Christ? Everyone says that they don't want to compromise truth, but have you thought about what issues of truth those will be? 

Please think carefully about how you will defend the Word and honor Christ - we are His servants, above all else! 

When you are suffering under various trials, how do you pray about that? What questions do you ask God? 

One overlooked question by many Christians is this: Am I suffering as a result of God's discipline in my life due to personal sin? The answer isn't always "yes," but as a believer you should be at least asking the question!

This topic grew out of one of the points in my sermon from August 9, 2020, entitled "The Legacy of Moses". Link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/AN-AJeWLKwo 



Can I be a Bible-believing Christian and endorse the BLM organization? If you have this question, give this episode a listen and chew on the truths presented. 

Primarily focused on examining the statement of beliefs (the statement of faith) of the Black Lives Matter organization in light of Biblical Theology. (Not seeking to make a political statement). 

As believers, how should we be acting as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives and our "freedoms?" Examining Romans 5:1-5 in light of the current crisis. 

How do secular groups define social justice? I read directly from the Wikipedia entry (current 6/12/2020) and then respond to this definition. 

Is Social Justice Biblical Justice? Absolutely not! I explain why using key passages from the OT, including Exodus 23:1-6 and Deut. 16:18. 

Also included is a discussion on who is behind the idea/concept of "social justice" and why so many people have bought into it. 

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